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What & When is Black Friday 2018

What & When is Black Friday 2018


One day, pay thanks to what you already have & get ready to trample people for shopping the next day!


Black Friday is the name given to deadly & massive shopping day right next to Thanksgiving. It is not actually a federal holiday but in some states, it is the only public-shopping-holiday.


The day is called Black Friday because it opens doors for Christmas shopping. People rush to the malls like crazy & reluctantly cause terrible traffic accidents. While in most cases, it causes hell riot in the stores, pedestrian, and on roads especially in the downtown areas of most countries of the world.


The moniker for the day originated from Philadelphia (around 1961), where the day was used to describe extreme rush and crowd. Retailers, on the other hand, did not admire the negative representation for the day. Because for them, it is a pleasure, so they call it “The day of success”. Stores, especially in downtown areas, go jam-packed because retailers double their revenue by offering huge, or I should say mega huge discounts and offers on everything.


Who are the beneficiaries of Black Friday?

The whole game brings bundles of joy to two major groups of society.


  1. Retailers

For them, it is like the best day of the year. They spend the entire year (nearly) planning their Black Friday sales & strategies. Merchants use this event to offer groundbreaking prices & doorbuster deals on everything especially on seasonal stuff, higher-margin goods & big-ticket item (such as furniture, TVs, refrigerators, jewelry, smart devices, home improvement supplies etc) and even extend their opening hours on the day. Moreover, they advertise sale as a bomb that is going to be released on Black Friday & it actually gives tickling pangs to the consumers.

  1. Consumers

Consumers go bonkers for the bargains and hot offers that Black Friday comes up with. It is the time when they replenish a whole lot of everything that they’re gonna be using probably for the entire next year. From loo rolls to grocery, toiletries to home decor, beddings to clothing, furniture to gadgets, iPhones to electronics and so and so. In the states where it is not an official holiday, people take a day off from work only to be part of the huge shopping festival.


Some frugal deal hunters even skip their thanksgiving dinner & camp out in FOMO near their favorite store overnight/up to a week in advance to hold a place in the long queue waiting to attack the sale racks, woah!  


But it is a nightmare for some officials you know!


The hoarding crowd seeking for deals & rabbles of sidewalks give police & workers in the store a migraine. Each year, the strong competition among brands pull Black Friday sales to start earlier & earlier, even before the Thanksgiving dinner is being served in the most households. This strong competition & demand forces store workers & police to go work (or I should say to deal with the storm) even on Thanksgiving.


Now let’s jump to Black Friday 2018

Officially, this year November-23rd is the Black Friday. Retailers, consumers, police & the retail workers have geared up all ready to experience a storm! Besides frugal shoppers preparing their shopping lists, there are introverts biting nails for Cyber Monday to shop their favorite stuff.


Well, if you can not deal with the terrible crowd, get a high five to Alipromocodes because you don’t need to mark the calendar for Cyber Monday anymore! Here are some cool alternates for you to skip the crowds and to shop your favorite stuff at discounts on Black Friday 2018: