5 Ways to save money on your trip to Paris

5 Ways to save money on your trip to Paris

5 Ways to save money on your trip to Paris Share On:

Paris is known to be the city of love however, it is an expensive destination in Europe to travel. But this doesn’t mean to cut it from your travel bucket list...There are ways you can trim your bills and still have an awesome trip. 

Well, in this blog, I am gonna help you save money on your trip to Paris. So, let’s go visit the city of love on a budget!

1. Book your transport via Omio 

Omio (formerly GoEuro) is an online ticket booking site that throws the cheapest ways to get to just any destination across Europe, US, or even Canada. So, whether you’re opting for a bus, train, or even flight, be sure to hit Omio.com and make a huge difference. 

Moreover, with these Omio coupon codes, you can get further discounts on your booking...so that’s another plus. 

2. Stay in the outskirts

Remember, you’re there for the experience, so a fancy accommodation should necessarily be in your plan. The closer you get to the center of town, the more expensive real estate becomes..so it’s always a good idea to stay a bit far away from the center of town. 

Outskirts in France are supercheap & public transport, especially if you have a MetroCard..its very cheap to get to the downtown or the main city area from those outskirt areas.

3. Get a Multiday Metro Pass

A one-way ride on a metro train or RER train in Zone 1 will cost about $2.30 (EUR1.70). But if you expect to ride multiple times per day, a Passe illimite (unlimited travel ticket) or Navigo Decouverte card will be the way to go. So, if you think you will ride a metro that much, just be sure to get a pass.

4. Carry around an empty bottle

Bottled water costs around one Euro and if you drink just LOADS, buying bottled water throughout your trip can cost you an insane amount of money. 

The quality of drinking water in Paris is a precious resource that makes buying the plastic bottled variety waste of funds. So, just carry around an empty bottle and drink straight from public taps. 

5. Ditch fancy restaurants and try street food

If you want to taste the real flavors of Paris, try their street food and save money. 

Paris offers super delicious and super budget-friendly street food that wouldn’t let you regret ditching those name brands.