4 Reasons you should wear sports bras

4 Reasons you should wear sports bras

4 Reasons you should wear sports bras Share On:

Women often associate the sports bra with physical activity or sports, but some doctors, experts, and everyday women recommend wearing sports bras even if they aren't exercising. Besides holding your bounces, sports bras can actually do wonders if you wear them on a daily basis.

Well, if you’re thinking it as pricey stuff, rethink your position. There are stores that actually sell celebrity inspired and high-quality sports bras that don’t tear apart after a few washes. So, if you want to check out affordable yet comfortable yet beautiful under $10 sports bras, look no further than  SheIn.com. They have super cute and high-quality sports bras that you’ve been watching celebs wearing around. They’re already affordable + these SheIn discount codes can get you further discounts on your purchase. 

Enough talks, let’s check the reasons why you should be wearing sports bras every day.  

1. Because they prevent long term sagging

Experts believe that bounces and movements from growing age to womanhood without adequate support breeds longterm boob sagging. Regular bras even high-quality ones can never support every move and bounce leaving breast sagging.  They can only hold up your breasts to give you the shape and look you want, but it can't prevent further sagging which is caused by gravity.  Wearing a sports bra is a commonly accepted remedy for sagging even if you don’t workout or arent’ engaged in any physical activity. 

2. Sports Bras have become fashionable

Ever seen your favorite stars wearing around sports bra as a top? Yes, they’ve become an absolute fashion staple. With exceptional levels of coverage and necklines that remind you of tank tops, sports bras have been worn as tops since the invention, till date. In a way, they are an extension of athleisure, a fashion movement that melds workout gear with regular life, and has become a favorite of comfort-seeking millennials these days! Brands like SheIn, Adidas, Nike, etc have come out with nice and trendy collections of sports bras that you can actually wear around anywhere as a top. 

3. Because they help reducing breast pain

The movement of a woman's breasts move up, down, and sideways during exercise and performing daily chores can range from 4cm during a walk to 15cm when running, researchers have found. Not only can exercising with poorly supported breasts cause pain and sagging, but it can also cause embarrassment and put women off physical activity and feel comfortable moving around and cheering up with mates. Regardless of breast size, a well-fitted sports bra can make the world of difference to your everyday moves.

4. Keep nasty stares at bay

How do you feel when people stare at your boobs when you’re running around? Does it make your blood boil when the pizza delivery guy talks to your boobs while you are in your comfort clothes? Sports bra fits snugly around the upper torso, holds the breasts in place, and to a significant extent, prevents them from bouncing during exercise. This will not stop people starring your boob but at least would make you feel comfortable especially if you have big boobs.